Toys in the Bedroom

Have you ever wanted more attention from your partner or spouse in the bedroom? There are ways to make this happen, but before we get into that we need to take a step back and determine how each person interacts with each other in the private confines of their bedroom.

Does your significant other not initiate sex in the bedroom and you feel like you are the one doing it all the time and just getting tired of it? Well that happens to most people. One person finds they have to initiate the act of love making all the time while the other seems to just sit there and not do anything unless they are acted on. This usually happens because it’s the same routine over and over again and there is nothing to look forward to but the same old stuff. Someone needs to step up and take charge and chances are if you’re reading this article then it’s probably going to be YOU!

Not a problem, look at it this way, if you’re reading this article your interested in making a change to please your significant other and that is great. It probably also means that you are open minded to trying new things to help make things better in this department and I applaud you for that. Most people, just give up and live happily ever after with no sex life at all, but us here, we just need it all the time and always want it to be good and interesting.

So how do you make things more interesting? There are so many different ways, but some of my favorites are the following:

1.) Purchase some good Adult Movies, Toys or even some sexy lingerie from If you don’t get into the movie and just lay there to watch it, it won’t be that exciting, but if you know what kind of movies your significant other may be into, pick up movies that are along their lines to get them into the mood. Also get one for yourself, if this approach doesn’t work, at least you can enjoy one. Surprises by bringing out toys, makes people laugh at first, but then turns them on thinking what they can do with it. If your significant other is not so much into this stuff, get it anyway and show them how to use it or how it should be used and get some videos on that as well so you can see different things the stars do with it also.

2.) If you have a nude beach by you, GO! I’ll tell you, I have been to one this past year and it was very addicting and erotic to sit next to my partner in the hot sun, getting all oily and sweaty with suntan oil and being around others that were very comfortable with their bodies. I was nervous at first, but honestly, the next day I went back and was not nervous at all. We both found this to be extremely exciting, something we haven’t done before, but something we were doing together.

3.) Talk to each other and know what it is each other likes and dislikes. Main thing is you have to be open and honest with no hold backs or hang ups. Don’t tell him something you like or vice versa and then he tells you something the other one likes and then you put them down for it. That will never work, be open and listen because they are doing that for you. Once you start bringing the other person’s sexual desires down, they will close up and they won’t communicate with you anymore about it. So DON’T do that. Just because they say, doesn’t mean you have to act. Being open and honest, not only works in the bedroom but through the whole entire relationship as well and it really does work.

4.) Relieve stresses by going to get a massage together. You can have someone come to your house or you can go to a place to have it done. Doing it at home is more relaxing and then you don’t have to drive all the way back home. It’s worth a try once to get relaxed. Personally, I have never done this, but I do LOVE massages.

5.) Make your partner feel loved and wanted, if you’re not into it, they won’t be into it. Make sounds, move your body in a sexy way, let your partner help, but really get into it emotionally and they will to.

These are some of my favorite things to do and try. Remember, be open minded to trying new things, be honest with yourself and each other, try and relax and remember, you have only one life to live. Make it as exciting as you can in everyway before you look back and regret not acting on it. The age old saying is, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. So what are you waiting for, get started now.

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